Love having Donna as a trainer. She took me from recovering from 2 major surgeries to competing in Eglin's My First Tri... A 200-yard swim, 8-mile bike ride, and 5 K race. Not only did I finish, but came in first in my division! Okay, I was the only 58-year-old female who completed her first tri...but I did it! Donna also helped me gain the strength and balance needed to accomplish my goal of SUPping. Thanks to Donna, I stand taller, move more easily and believe I can accomplish any fitness goal that I choose. Mary Ann

I have work with Donna since 2003 and she has helped me after a back fusion, bone graft, and a total rt. hip replacement. Donna helps me with strength training and with balance.
She changes up the routines so I don't get bored. She is very professional and is also concerned with how you are progressing in your sessions. Vivian

I love this woman!!! She has been my personal trainer since 2003 and she is amazing!! You can work with Donna Hodges Lambert at the Community Life Center in Niceville or Donna will come to you or your office!! Donna goes beyond the call of duty. She studies your individual needs and personalizes a program just for YOU! She keeps me healthy and active beyond my years!! Faith